Terms & Conditions


Telehealth Sessions

Health & Safety

By taking part in the sessions you agree to take full responsibility for monitoring your own physical condition and wellbeing.

For the session, please:

  • ensure that you have enough space

to move safely

  •  wear suitable clothing and footwear
  • make sure there are no trip hazards nearby, or anything that could cause injury.
  • remember to stay hydrated
  • maintain awareness of your own wellbeing
  •  work within your comfort zone


Participating in your own home means that you are responsible for your health and safety, so please ensure your space is safe and check for any possible hazards.  If there are pets or small children in the house be aware they may present a hazard. If possible, make sure they remain in another room.



Your live Zoom session will display all members of the group on your screen via videolink.  With this in mind, photography or recording of sessions is not allowed. Anybody near to you may see and hear the other participants too so, ideally, you need to have time and space where you won’t be interrupted or overlooked.   Please don’t take photographs of the session or share on social media.


Please be aware that in telehealth sessions we can see, not just each other but the surroundings too.  You are inviting other people into your home, albeit virtually, so make sure you only show what you are comfortable other people seeing. You may wish to set a virtual background which you can do in your Zoom settings.


Please don’t share the session links. If you know someone who would like to join, ask them to register with us first.