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This is our Chrysalis Studio in Frederick House at Princes Court.

From here, we offer a range of movement therapy activities to help enhance the health and wellbeing of residents in the area.

We are active partners in the local Care Community and our programme has been designed with an inclusive, person-centred approach and the services will support the Cheshire East Council neighbourhood plan.



Studio front right corner

Our intention is for the studio to offer a therapeutic space with a positive ambience that is inclusive and welcoming to all.   Our work focuses on those with chronic physical or mental health conditions who have a desire to improve resilience and wellbeing and we offer a comprehensive range of movement-related and body-oriented activities that encompass innovative interventions inspired by the latest research.


Funding is essential to make our services accessible to those who need them most. We are grateful to have received grant funding from Cheshire East Council, Cheshire Community Fund and Cheshire East Carer’s Hub. As well as seeking grant funding we welcome donations of all sizes from fundraisers, sponsors and individuals alike.  We are a small organisation but we aim to make a big difference, and we can make a little go a long way.


Movement in Mind is a group for carers.  People who are responsible for the daily care of someone close to them provide invaluable support, but their own health needs can sometimes be overlooked and many experience poor health or emotional difficulties.  This session is one hour where they get to focus on just themselves and process thoughts feelings and emotions in a safe and contained environment.


There will be other Movement In Mind groups, too.  We are currently looking at ways to provide movement therapy sessions for those affected directly or indirectly by the Coronavirus pandemic and we hope in the future to offer groups for people recovering from invasive or traumatic surgery to regain emotional as well as physical strength and address issues such as body image and self esteem.

Senior couple practice Tai Chi Chuan in a park.  Chinese management skill Qi's energy.


Tai Chi has many health benefits for a wide range of health conditions.  We will be offering classes adapted to suit different learning styles as well as taster classes for beginners and shorter, lunchtime sessions to accommodate busy lives and restore balance to the working day.



Sharing positive emotions . Graceful smiling senior woman performing in the ballroom while demonstrating elegance and learning new dance step


Feeling Good! is a dance movement class for all aspects of health which will strengthen the body and lift the spirits. At its heart are proven principles of falls prevention but it takes a fresh approach which is inclusive, accessible and, most importantly, fun!





For the time being all our sessions are being delivered online. In this way, we are continuing to reach those in our community who need to connect and interact through movement.