What People Say About Us


“There is a noticeable difference in people with Parkinson’s after an hour of PD Moves. Balance, co-ordination and confidence is improved.”

 “I have forged new friendships through this group and it has certainly boosted my self-confidence which had taken a battering through bereavement and stress.”

“I went to DMP initially because of delayed reaction to bereavement and it has helped enormously with that.”

“Sometimes I go to a session feeling very weak and off-balance but by the end of the session I feel stronger and relaxed.”

“Not only does my dance/movement group help me physically by keeping me flexible, it also helps me feel better mentally.”

“For me, as a partner and carer, I get support, I don’t feel isolated and the sessions do me a lot of good as well.”

“Being with others in a similar situation is so important as we all have an understanding of each other and help each other in the dance therapy sessions.”

“I used to rationalise my problems away, thinking I’d dealt with them, unaware that they were being stored as tension in my body. Now I know better and with DMP, I have a way of addressing them fully.”

“I was feeling down the other week from work stress and didn’t think that I wanted to go to my usual dance moves class. I am so glad that I did because I forgot all about work and was totally immersed in the dance, the music, the laughter and the camaraderie that exists in the group.”

“I now have an understanding and affection for my body that I never had before.”