Dance & Movement Sessions

Our mindful movement sessions combine rhythmic movement and therapeutic  dance with functional exercises to improve mobility.  Simple, directed movement patterns encourage body awareness and  promote a sense of connection.  Embedded, relational mindfulness helps to  lift the mood, calm the mind and refresh the spirits. These sessions integrate a range of therapeutic movement modalities to enhance wellbeing, release tension and improve cognitive vitality.

Feeling Good!

Feeling Good sessions have a strong dance element.  Originally developed as a falls prevention programme for older adults, music plays an important part and participants are encouraged to contribute movements and choreography as they feel led.  Sessions are usually light-hearted and playful with some mobility and balance work hidden in the dance moves.

The movement element is not taught, but arises from the participants and what they are bringing to the session. Our online sessions take the form of guided movement explorations with the therapist holding the space for participants as they reflect on their own feelings and emotions.