Transformotion is about enabling positive change through the medium of movement.


The combination of creativity with a therapeutic model means that we see our clients in a different way from other health professionals.   This is not better or worse, it’s just looking though a different lens. Mind and body influence each other and are intrinsically connected. We view the the world from the perspective of dance, movement, body awareness and creativity, which helps us to encourage our clients to look at the world in a different way.


The clinical and creative possibilities with our groups are many and varied. The sessions are shaped and sculpted by the therapist in response to the individual style of the group. In this way they are able to reflect the needs and abilities of the participants as they work through their own particular stories.


Tai Chi for Better Health


Traditional forms adapted for health conditions

Dance Movement Psychotherapy


Empathic, relational, creative arts therapy

PD Moves


DMP for people with Parkinson’s. 

Mindful Moves


Free-flowing, therapeutic movement sessions