Our Organisation

Transformotion is  a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee.  This means we exist for the benefit of our community rather than the financial profit of shareholders.  We are a not for profit organisation with charitable aims and our funding comes from four primary sources:

       1.  Initial seed money from the Directors

       2.  Fees from our open classes

       3.  Contributions from those attending community activities and other donations

       4.  Grant funding from external sources.

Transformotion creates change through movement. Movement Therapies for better mental health and physical wellbeing lie at the core of our endeavours, and striving to provide a service that places the community at the heart of our operation is our predominant focus. From our work with Parkinson’s UK, referrals from the local NHS Intermediate Care Team and work with Age UK Cheshire, to our collaboration with Cheshire Dance on its health, wellbeing and falls prevention projects, the Transformotion team embeds itself in the health and wellbeing of the community. Our embodied approach (Dance Movement Psychotherapy) is unlike traditional talking therapies, and has been proven to be effective with many kinds of emotional difficulties. We bring a fresh perspective in our approach to psychotherapy and chronic health conditions. We aim to provide the opportunity for individuals to explore and express their feelings through the medium of movement, resulting in a more satisfying life experience and positive relationships We empower our clients through movement, dance and body awareness and promote connection with others through movement. We encourage our clients to discover the mind-body connection and encourage them to continue an embodied approach in their everyday lives so that they will also be empowered in life outside the sessions


Shirley Brocklehurst
Tony Carr

Shirley is our CEO and Practice Director. 

She is an experienced Dance Movement Psychotherapist who consciously draws on a range of therapeutic models resulting in a integrative approach.

Shirley is a Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist with the  Association for Dance Movement Psychotherapy (ADMP UK), which is a member of the Humanistic Integrative Psychotherapy college of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP).

Tony is our Operations Director

He brings strong organisational ability  from his military service and work for the police and local authorities. Most recently he has worked in the NHS and has healthcare skills as well as training in Dementia, Learning Difficulties, Parkinson’s, CBT and Mindfulness.

The directors are supported by a Management Team with expertise in marketing, governance and administration